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posted by eliza
18 September 2008

caroline kelly r.i.p

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Im new to this site but my mam was diagnosed with cervical cancer about 10 yrs ago. She lived through the pain and suffering of cancer for about 4/5 years but unfortunately died on the 1st july 2002. I miss her so much 6 yrs later to me it never gets any easier.My mams last wish was to travel to Lourdes one last time as she knew she was dying but never told myself or my sisters. Thanks to the South Tipp Hospice and the CASA group my mams wish was granted and she travelled to lourdes.Unfortunately my mam died on the plane home from Lourdes so we never got to see her before she died. Cancer of any form is a terrrible disease and it can destroy families. Cancer runs in my mams side of the family two of her sisters have had breast cancer and survived her nephew at 18 got cancer and also survived but unfortunately her aunt and uncle passed on from this disease also. To this day myself and my 2 sisters since my mam died are waiting 4 genetics tests to see if we have this cancerous gene and ave still not received it. The cancer care in this country should be improved for both cancer suffers and thier families...



commented by Stars777
18 September 2008

7 years ago

Dear Eliza...just wanted to say hi.My husband passed away a year ago yesterday 17th Sept 07 after battling bladder cancer for a year.he was Stephen Gleeson and he was only 51 yrs...we have 7 kids...our baby is 4 yrs...its not fair but we seem to have polluted everything down,food chain,environment...
I am sorry to hear about your beloved Mom Caroline...and wish you peace and your family in your hearts and life,



commented by snake-lady
07 October 2008

7 years ago

dear eliza, im trisha. i just want to say how sorry i am for the loss of your lovely mum. my dad passed away on the 27th sept 08 so its all still very fresh for me, but like you, i know im never going to get over the pain of losing a loved one. time is a great healer so i think we will learn to live with it even if we cant accept it. your memorial to your mum will keep her memory alive here on this site as i hope mine will too. i think your mum just hung on to get her last wish which was to go to lourdes and when she got that she went in peace. my dad did the same. he asked me not to let him die in a hospital but at home. he arrived home in the ambulance at six oclock and passed away at ten past six. but he got his wish. i never got to say goodbye either but at least be comforted in the knowledge that they got what they wanted. thinking of you, much love and hugs, trisha.

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