August 10, 2012 - 01:09

Hi, im 28 and i have recently been diagnosed with melanoma after having a cyst removed. Due to the diagnosis I have had further surgery done a few weeks ago to take a deeper and wider excision of the original area. Waiting on results. I was to have a sentinel lymph node biopsy also on the day of surgery but for some reason it was not done. While all of this was going on i also lost my dear uncle very suddenly to merkel cell carcinoma.

It has taken a few weeks for the word cancer to actually sink in but now that it has i am extremely worried as there is a strong history of cancer in my family. Also got a shock when i saw the hole in my face after the surgery, i was not at all prepared for it or even expect it. Should a sentinel lymph node biopsy have been done or do i need to have results of surgery back before any decisions are made. Also, i did mention to my surgeon when i went to have stitches out if i should have a scan but they were quite reluctant to send me for one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Panicked at this stage while waiting for results!
Thanks, misty

August 10, 2012 - 18:18

hi misty. the decision to do a sentinel lymph node biopsy is based on the original path report(i would advise you to obtain a copy of it from your gp)among other things it will tell you the thickness of the tumour referred to as the breslow thickness ,the type of melanoma you have,the primary stage of the melanoma is very unusual not to have the s.l.n.b done on the same day as the wide local excision.if they told you were going to have a s.l.n.b done on the same day as the wide local excision ask them why they did not do it,as the accuracy of it can be compromised if done after the again and ill reply.peace to you and yours rob.

August 16, 2012 - 01:48

Hi rob, many thanks for your reply and apologies for delay in replying. I have been back to dr since my last post and now have the following information: it was a t2 tumour stage 1 non ulcerated. I have asked for copies of pathology reports and am waiting on same. I questioned why they did not do the slnb and what dr said was that as there are about 40 lymph nodes on each side of the neck they may not necessarily have gotten the correct node if they did the slnb and i would have had to have a lot of nodes removed if this was the case. She seemed fairly confident though that it had not travelled to other nodes as the wider local excision they did showed no other tumours in the area thankfully. I also asked about having a scan due to strong history of cancer in the family but she said it could cause more cancer because of the radiation seeing as i already had melanoma. So i guess i'll have to just take their word for it and hope that i did not need to have the slnb done and trust their judgement. The shock in general is still with me though.
Many thanks again for your reply, misty

August 21, 2012 - 01:06

hi misty.glad to hear your wide excision was clear thats great will be interesting if your original path report advised that you have a sentinel lymph node probably dont need a scan but the reason for them not doing one does not strike me as valid.if your unsure about any thing your being told you can ask for a second opinion.are you being treated in a hospital that does s.l.n.b in cork or dublin im not to sure if there done any were else in the republic.has any one mentioned mole mapping to you.peace to you and yours rob