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posted by Angelmagic
08 October 2012

Help with Oil??

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[color=#4000FF:1c5heoek]Hello.. my husband has kidney cancer.. and 2wks ago suffered a heart attack.. he is now home recovering but I am asking if we can get any help with keeping the house warm for him?? I put in €250 worth of Oil for when he came out of hospital.. We are both on social welfare, so we do not have a lot of spare cash to fill the tank! any advice please. Thankyou. Image removed. [/color:1c5heoek]

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
09 October 2012

8 years ago

Dear Angelmagic,

I am sorry to hear of your financial difficulties and I am wondering if you have seen information,recently updated, on our website at ... ging-money
There is a list of very useful websites on this subject including information on the ‘National fuel Scheme’ etc.

Wishing your husband a good recovery

Kind regards,
Cancer Information Services Nurse

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