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posted by beltainerose
09 September 2012

Chemotherapy with no spleen ?

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Hi, my partner of 25yrs has been diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer 5wks ago he is 47 yrs old ,we were told it was inoperable and palliative chemo his only option.The cancer has spread to his pelvis and has also blocked his right ureter causing damage to the right kidney,and is sticturing his lower bowel he has a temporary catheter in place draining his kidney.He had his spleen removed after an accident when he was 14 has been fairly healthy but over the years has been very ill with minor infections.The oncologist agrees this is an issue but still thinks chemo will help and said J would have only 6months without chemo, we live 60 miles from the hospital treating him and my major fear is that without a spleen he has absolutely no back up 4 infection .He agreed to the chemo when we saw the consultant but now is thinking of refusing.Is there anyone who has experience of having chemo in this situation?We have less than 2wks before treatment due to start.xx



commented by Kathleen
12 September 2012

7 years ago

Hello BeltaineRose,

I am so sorry to hear about your partner. So unfair.

Just to let you know that I have a friend who had to have chemo without a spleen for testicular cancer. He wouldn't be alive and well today had he turned down the chemo.

I am sure that the oncologist has assessed your partner's case taking the absence of a spleen into consideration. Ultimately it is your partner's decision of course. I wish you both well.



commented by beltainerose
12 September 2012

7 years ago

Thank you Kathleen , I am grateful for your reply and very glad your friend is doing well, Its a tough world and reaching out in forums such as this has been a great support . Many thanks xx

commented by surviving
13 September 2012

7 years ago

Dear Beltainerose,
My heart goes out to your partner in this situation - my faith helps me through and I will pray for him too. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer just last year and although mine is not aggressive so far, this deeply shocked me. (I only noticed your post after my very first posting here today, when I was searching for comments on this particular type of cancer.) Which part of Ireland do you live in? I am doing my own research into this and would be interested to know about regional 'clusters' with regard to bladder cancer. Also, this type of cancer is not as common as others and I feel a little isolated
because of this. I hope and pray that you will be well-advised by healthcare about his treatment and I will keep you in my prayers.
Best Wishes,

commented by beltainerose
21 September 2012

7 years ago

Hi there Surviving,thank you for your post, I am sorry you have your own troubles, I am constantly amazed at peoples stregnth at such a frightening time . My partner has decided against chemo and that now is the path we are on .We live in West Cork ,I am interested in your research and would like to hear if there is indeed clusters of this type of cancer.My thoughts are with you. xx

commented by surviving
22 September 2012

7 years ago

Hi Beltainerose,
I have been thinking of you since I saw your post - and will continue to pray for you both. I live in East Meath - and although I know people with other types of cancer in the area, the indication is that bladder cancer is not as common in Ireland as other cancers. I hope to contact hospitals re. statistics, and also to raise awareness/write articles about this type of cancer which is very often mis-diagnosed as a bladder infection, in its early stages. I can well understand your partner's decision not to have chemo. for now (I think that I may have made the same decision under those circumstances) and hope and pray all goes well for him in the time ahead - it is awful that you live so far from the hospital - if I met you personally I could tell you a long story about my own experiences of hospitals! I hope also to get in touch with others who have had a bladder cancer diagnosis and perhaps set up a special time of the year for 'bladder cancer awareness,' as is done in the U.S.A. I will let you know of any new developments and discoveries that I come across. Meanwhile, you are in my prayers.

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