Leukaemia, myeloma, lymphoma (blood cancers)
posted by charlie01
26 January 2011

chronic myeloid luakemia.

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Image removed. Hi,new to this.
Has anyone else on the site got chronic myeloid lukaemia?
Would love to hear.



commented by Irish Cancer Society
09 February 2011

9 years ago


I see you have not heard from anybody with CML. Hopefully you will hear from somebody soon.

If you wish, you can contact the Irish Cancer and speak to a specialist nurse in confidence on our freefone helpline at: 1800-200-700. We are here to help, listen, guide and support all those with a cancer diagnosis or those concerned about cancer or caring for someone with cancer.

Best wishes,

Cancer Information Service Nurse

commented by transplant21
11 March 2011

8 years ago


I havent been on this in a long time so only seeing your post now!

I had ALL! Luekemia at the end of the day!

Not that any form of cancer is good but Luekemia nowadays is so treatable! It can be all behind you in no time.

July 2009- diagnosed with belles palsy
August 2009- collapsed with what was expected to be menigitus
Sept 2009- Diagnosed with ALL I had teatment in hospital and spent a fair few months in hospital but i had a vary rare case of ALL that there had been only 100 documented cases worldwide.

March 2010- I had a bone marrow transplant in St. james.
April 2010- got out of hospital and havent spent a night in since

Sept 2011- returned to college for my final year.

March 2011- Am in my final few weeks of college, am on a fair few tablets post transplant still. Few days away from my year anniversary from my transplant and im even playin a bit of indoor football every wednesday night.

Basically what I'm sayin is that it was a year out of my life and i now know who my friends are, I have a very different perspective on life and I can actually say Ive beaten cancer.

If you have any specific questions on treatments, transplants, etc, ask!

good luck with your treatment

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