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posted by wilmaone
22 February 2013

mini marathon anyone???

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Hi ladies

in a spur of 'i must get myself moving!!!'i have signed up to do mini marathon!!!!i felt i needed a goal and sure the excersise will be great.i only signed up yesterday but my mindset is already changing,have my training plan mapped out and am actually looking forward to doing it.this is not something i EVER thought i would do.Think i will have a tshirt printed with 'onwards and upwards'on front and 'been there'done that 'wearing the hairstyle'on back!!!

On another note are we all still up for meet after easter?




commented by youngk
22 February 2013

9 years ago

don't think i'd be up for the marathon, but definately up for the meet after easter.
good luck with your exercise plan Image removed.


commented by ceedee
22 February 2013

9 years ago

I am going to sign up for the mini marathon I have been walking every night for the last week.So I can build up over the next few months.
Myself and Karen will come together whenever and wherever you want to meet Image removed.

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