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posted by jenpewter
25 October 2013

Fulvestrol and food

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I have had so many suggestions for changing my diet My first tumour was removed pus a few nodes two days after my80th birthday so old age does mean you can ignore lumps etc first annual check up was all clear but they changed me to tamoxifen I was having a tickly throat this summer, had an ex-ray which show the cancer had headed inwards . I have just had my second injection of fulvestrant into my bum and would be interested to hear from anyone who might also be having this treatment
I am juicing vegetable, have not worried about filtering, our water in County Clare seems so good. eating a lot of turmeric and just a few apricot kernels each day, not too much red met and processed foods

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commented by healthylife
19 January 2021

19 January 2021 01:57

its an idea to stay healthy life, see the link

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