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posted by meme
27 May 2008

Energy boosting foods??

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Is there anything that anyone can recommend for boost energy levels? The Oncology Team won't continue the treatment until energy levels come up, without the treatment time is short, is there anything that you can recommend?



commented by Irish Cancer Society
20 June 2008

7 years ago

Hi meme,

The Irish Cancer Society has a booklet on "Coping with Fatigue". It relates to diet, exercise and sleep and how to relax. It discusses complementary therapies. It also suggests Support resources and useful organisations

"Cancerbackup" is a U.K based Cancer Society and they have a recipe booklet created especially for people coping with cancer…

The National Cancer Helpline is available Freefone on 1800 200 700 (Mon-Thurs, 9am-7pm, Fri 'til 5pm) Please call if you would like to speak to a nurse trained cancer care, or if you would like a copy of the booklet.

Best Wishes.

commented by burren54
08 November 2013

7 years ago

i find juicing carrots apples and oranges and wheat grass great to stop me feeling tired. i am not on any treatment as of yet. worth a go . can do no harm.

commented by Kathleen
08 November 2013

7 years ago


The first link does not work but I think this is the document. ... atigue.pdf

Juicing is a bit of a two-edge sword by the way. Sure it is full of vitamins and minerals, but if the juice is made from fruit alone, or with vegetables such as beetroot and carrots, there is a lot of sugar in the drink and a lot of calories that don't fill you up. If you can eat the fruit and veg in their natural state it is best.

Strangely, I found exercise to be the best way to boost energy while I was undergoing chemo. Odd as that may sound. Not talking about running marathons of course, just walking a little every day and working up the distance gradually.

Good luck


commented by KathyKrehbiel
17 September 2014

7 years ago

Water,Almonds,Quinoa,Dark Chocolate,Bananas,Bran Flakes,Salmon,Curry

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