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posted by kora
30 October 2012

deuterium depletion?

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Hi all!
One friend of mine has recommended to us ( my uncle has prostate cancer ) to try deuterium depletion as a complementary therapy.
In some European countries ( he is Hungarian ), well known and used this new treatment, for a while. Searching the internet i have found an article from the Journal of Cancer Therapy related to this topic.

"Deuterium-depleted water (DDW) is a new promising agent in cancer therapy. The efficiency of the method is based on the discovery, that cancer cells are extremely sensitive to depletion of deuterium (D) and might cause necrosis of the tumor. The purpose of this study was to show the efficacy of D-depletion in prostate cancer (PC) patients. In the dou-ble blind, four-month-long, randomized Phase II clinical trial the daily water intake was replaced with DDW......Application of DDW is a new opportunity in cancer therapy. Growing evidence suggests that D-depletion might play a role both in treatment and prevention of cancer. In vitro and in vivo experiments confirmed the inhibition of proliferation of cancer cells [25] and the possible cancer preventive effect [26]. Numerous other experiments, including the study had been conducted on mice xenotransplanted with PC-3 cells, proved the anti-cancer effect of D-depletion induced by the application of DDW..."

For me it is sound very interesting and promising. We want to try any complementary therapies to fight against cancer.

Has anybody heard of it?



commented by JonD
01 November 2012

8 years ago

Hi Kora,

I have read up on some of this research including the paper you mention. While it is intriguing, the research is still very preliminary and only a couple of very small studies have been done. I could only find one trial of any size with patients and it was done with prostate cancer patients, but there were only 44 patients in the trial. It did seem to help, but really much more research needs to be done to have any confidence that it works at all. It's also not clear WHY deuterium-depleted water (DDW) would have any effect.

That said, DDW is unlikely to do you any harm. The main problem is it's going to be hard to get a hold of any such water and it will be expensive. It also should not replace any conventional treatments.

One thing, if DDW does prove to be useful in trials, then it's not accurate to call it a 'complementary therapy'. If a treatment is shown by proper trials to have a beneficial effect, then it is medicine.


commented by DonC
10 May 2020

9 months ago

For applications that would last for more than a month or more, it would make sense to secure and buy the light water from a supplier that offers it bulk for individuals, doctors and clinics and so on.
They offer deuterium ppm concentrations from 10ppm and up.
Here is one:


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