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posted by Aileen Odgers
15 February 2024

Waiting for Referral

Last reply: 16 February 2024 16:40

My Partner went into the Mater Private in Dublin and his urologist performed a cystoscopy in November and a second cystoscopy on 4th Jan 24. On 5th Jan he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. At that time his urologist told him that he was referring him to a colleague of his and would be in touch in 2/3 weeks.. The urologist was on a months' annual leave in January and was back on 2nd February. My partner sent an email at the beginning of February asking for his referral, he has not got a response and he does not know the name of the oncologist he is being referred to.
He has been ringing the urologist's secretary but is not getting anywhere. He is being tole he is on a list. Given his diagnosis I am very anxious at this stage and I would very much appreciate your help in any way to how to get a response. I would be grateful if you could let me know if there is anything we can do.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
16 February 2024

16 February 2024 16:40

Hi Aileen,

I am sorry to hear about your partner's diagnosis, it must be a very stressful time for you both.

Aileen, it may be worth speaking to his G.P., he should have been sent a letter from the urologist informing him of your partner's plan of care. Your partner could ask his G.P. to try and follow up on this too.

If you would like to speak with a nurse, we are here to support you. Our number is 1800 200 700, we are available 9am-5pm, Mon – Fri.

Kind regards,

Cancer Nurse

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