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posted by Jellytots1000
11 January 2024

Supporting my best Friend

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Hi there,
My wonderful best friend has just completed her journey and got the all clear. She is worrying about symptoms she felt were signs of her cancer starting even though she has been checked several times and has be told all is ok, the stress and anxiety is has her living in consent fear. I need some advice on how to support her, reassure her without sounding condescending or dismissive and perhaps learn about some support or tools that can help her through this part of her journey. Thank you. A



commented by mariem
11 January 2024

11 January 2024 23:10

Hi A, you are a fantastic friend to ask for advice. I can’t offer much but you saying you want to be reassuring without being dismissive is a wonderful approach. I found the year after treatment to be hell. There was nothing anyone could say to stop the fear of recurrence, but I found comfort in a few friends and family who would just listen to me ranting with no judgement.

I also found my GP to be very caring. We eventually agreed I should go on antidepressants and they are working (I am 18 months post treatment). I still think about recurrence every day, but not every minute of every day. I hope with time your friend can regain their confidence and live a full life x

commented by Jenni53
13 January 2024

13 January 2024 17:04

Hi Jellytots1000

What a good friend you are. Would she consider counselling? This site offers free counselling for at least six week and she can contact one of the nurses on here on 1800 200 700 or through her hospital's Daffodil Centre.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

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