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posted by fionamay23
14 February 2023

Ovary Cyst Removal

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My 11 year old daughter had an ovarian cyst and one fallopian tube removed due to the cyst being twisted around the tube. This was in November 2022. She presented with severe abdominal pain and it was discovered during a laparoscopy.
The gynaecologist was happy with the outcome of the procedure. I enquired if there was anything to be worried about with regards the cyst and it appeared he wasn’t concerned. He said it would be sent away to be examined but would take at least 2 months for results as it would not be deemed priority. He told me when she was being discharged to ring for results to put my mind at ease in 6-8 weeks. It’s now 14 weeks and they say there is a backlog of up to 20 weeks.
I got a discharge summary sent to me in the post and there is no mention of waiting on results but says was discharged for gynaecology follow up. I rang the gynaecologist secretary and she said results were not back but the follow up would be based on these results. She also said she can only tell me if results are back and I’ll need to discuss with my own gp.
So I’m a little worried and confused by it all. What is the procedure for getting results and should I be worried as it’s taking so long. My daughter is in excellent health and good form.
Thank you.



commented by Cancer Nurse
14 February 2023

3 months ago

Dear Fionamay23,

Thank you for posting and I’m very sorry to read all your daughter and yourself have been through.  It is understandable and very common to feel worried when waiting for results, even more so when you are waiting for results for one of your children.  I am glad to read that your daughter is in excellent health and good form.

It is reassuring that the gynaecologist did not seem concerned, generally if a doctor is suspicious that there may be a sinister reason they will mark any tests as urgent.

I wonder could you phone your GP to discuss your concerns?  They may be able to follow up with the consultant to get more detailed information and also more accurate information about when you can expect results.

I hope this information is helpful, please do phone our supportline on 1800 200 700 if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse.

commented by fionamay23
14 February 2023

3 months ago

Thank you for your reply and I will follow up with my GP.

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