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posted by Cancer Nurse
15 September 2023

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day-16th September 2023.

We here at the Irish Cancer Society would encourage everyone to talk to their Doctor, Dentist or Pharmacist about any unexplained concern they may have noticed in their mouth or surrounding area.

A symptom may be a sore, ulcer or lump in their mouth. It could be a sore throat or a neck lump. Another symptom to be aware of is red or white patches in your mouth, or if you have an unexplained pain in your mouth. If any of these symptoms are there for longer than 3 weeks, we would advise you to get them checked out.

Of course, many of these symptoms can be explained and cancer of the mouth is not common. However, we want to make everyone aware of symptoms and to encourage anyone who has noticed a ‘change’ in their mouth to get it checked out.

Picking up a cancer in the mouth or the surrounding area early will make a significant difference to the success of the treatment and the person’s quality of life after treatment.

Those who have a medical card or have paid enough PRSI contributions are entitled to a free dental examination each year. Unfortunately, if you have neither there will be a charge to see your dentist.

If you would like to speak to a cancer nurse about any changes you have noticed or any other concerns, you may have you can phone us on 1800 200 700. We are here Mon-Fri 9-5pm and would very much like to support you through your worries.

I do hope we will hear from you.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse



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