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posted by Aine
30 June 2022

Her2 positive breast cancer

Last reply: 6 days ago

Hi I am getting my round 4 of chemo on Monday for her2 positive breast cancer but I haven lost my eye lashes or brows and my hair seems to be growing back does this mean the treatment is not work I am so worried also I have an achy feeling in my breast and under my arm



commented by Aine
30 June 2022

1 month ago

Please can you just help

commented by Cancer Nurse
01 July 2022

1 month ago

Hi Aine,

Thank you for your post.

Some people do not lose their eye lashes or brows when having chemotherapy. Many people often notice that the hair on their head starts growing while they are on chemotherapy. Your hair regrowth does not impact on the treatment working.

There can be many reasons for your breasts feeling achy or sore while on chemotherapy. It would be a good idea to mention these concerns to your team when you are in on Monday.

If you ever want to speak to a cancer nurse, please contact our support line on 1800 200 700, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Kind regards,

Cancer Nurse

commented by Babyboo
07 August 2022

6 days ago

I had her2+ also and didn’t lose my eyelash or brows til the very end (22wks of chemo) and my treatment worked brilliantly- try not to worry.

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