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posted by fem2023
13 November 2023

Clinic referrals

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Hiya, just writing in terms of getting referred to a clinic. I seen a few posts regarding urgent referrals and non urgent.
Would nipples pulling inwards, and aches/pains (no lump) be in the lesser urgent category?
Also if you go to your GP and they don’t feel a lump are you still able to request to be referred? Are they able to deny you is what I mean I guess or can you push to be? I only ask this because I know my GP would be inclined to brush it off as nothing and quite frankly I’d trust the nurses here a lot more than in my loca practice. Thanks.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
13 November 2023

13 November 2023 17:32

Hi Fem2023,

Thank you for your post on Ask A Nurse.

A new and fixed nipple retraction is one of the criteria for referral to a symptomatic breast clinic. A lump does not need to be felt for a referral to a symptomatic breast clinic.

Each time a referral is sent to a symptomatic breast clinic it is triaged by a doctor. This triage is based on the information that is included in the referral.  

Fem2023, I wonder if it would be helpful for you to contact one of our nurses on the Support Line. We could chat in more detail about your concern and offer further advice. Our Support Line number is 1800 200 700, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Kind regards,

Cancer Nurse


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