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posted by Mire
26 November 2023


Last reply: 27 November 2023 16:02

Hi, I have been having issues with stomach pains for over a year know. Had a colonscopy. Endoscopy. Capsule endosocpy ultrasounds ct scans. Only thing found was gastritis. My dad had pa creation cancer in 2015 and my pain is on a daily basis with fatigue. I am really scared that something was missed but I feel like my doctor is not listening to my co concerns I have 2 small kids and I fear it might be cancer but feel like I am not been taken seriously.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
27 November 2023

27 November 2023 16:02

Dear Mire,

Thank you for posting on the online community.  I’m very sorry to read that you have been unwell and that your dad had pancreatic cancer in 2015.  It is very understandable to feel worried.

When a person has gastritis, stomach pain would be a very common feature of this.  I have linked information about gastritis here.

It is reassuring that you have had these tests.  I wonder would you consider a second opinion from a different doctor?  They can assess your symptoms, the tests you have had and recommend if any further investigations are required or if the current plan is right.  This may give you reassurance going forward.

Please do phone our supportline on 1800 200 700 if you would like to discuss your situation in more detail with a cancer nurse.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse.

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