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posted by Shellyk23
19 December 2023


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Good afternoon. I had a breast biopsy last weds & the radiographer told me to come back next weds that's tomorrow for my results I rang the hospital this morning and they told me she had no right to tell me when to come back that it's 2 weeks standard and that I wouldn't be seeing her it's a consultant. She have me the 3rd of January for the call back. So that's 3 weeks in total. I'm really worried now. She said there's a delay due to Christmas.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
20 December 2023

20 December 2023 11:25

Hi Shellyk23

Thank you for your post.

Waiting on biopsy results can be a very stressful time and even more difficult at this time of the year but it does normally take at least 2 weeks for results.

Shellyk23 if you would like to speak with a nurse we are here to support you while you wait for your results on 1800 200 700, we are available 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. We will be working 27th 28th 29th Dec and back on 2nd January 2024.

Kind Regards

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