Irish Cancer Society vision and goals


Our vision: A future without cancer

Our mission: To eliminate cancer

Our goals

Goal 1: Reducing the risk of cancer

Stopping cancer before it starts is a core goal of the Irish Cancer Society. We know 4 out of every 10 cancers are potentially avoidable.

For example, we can watch what we eat, choose not to smoke, limit our alcohol consumption and take regular exercise.

Our goal is to reduce the risk of cancer. In support of this goal we run programmes designed to raise awareness of cancer symptoms, increase cancer prevention and to help people to make lifestyle changes that can help reduce their risk of cancer.

Goal 2: Improving lives

Every day in Ireland, 150 people are diagnosed with cancer. That is one person every three minutes.

As a result, there is an enormous need for support and information for patients across the country. The Irish Cancer Society is there to provide support every step of the way.

Goal 3: Leading excellent collaborative cancer research

Data from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland, coupled with a growing population, means that this year around 40,000 people in Ireland are expected to be diagnosed with cancer.
Research into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer is a must to help fight this disease. Research also helps identify the causes of cancer and is pointing the way to improved methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Our research has led to hundreds of discoveries. Each of these new findings have been published in international peer reviewed journals, making this knowledge available to researchers worldwide.

Goal 4: Informing and influencing public policy

Through our cancer advocacy campaigning, we listen to patients and lobby to make their lives better.

We work to influence policy, legislation and national budgets so that patients are at the heart of cancer services and cancer care. We push Government to take action to improve the quality of life for patients and to make decisions that will help to reduce the number of people getting cancer and improve survival rates.

We offer a trusted voice that responds to what patients need now and supports the development of world class services well into the future.

This short video explains the Irish Cancer Society's four key goals for 2013-2017, as part of our overall vision - towards a future without cancer.