Cancer support in your area

We are working with cancer support services around the country to ensure that no matter where in Ireland you are, you’ll have access to safe and confidential support. There are many kinds of cancer support services, but all of them provide a setting where cancer patients can talk to each other about living with cancer.

You can find a list of support groups affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society across Ireland here.

Look for this sign, to be sure the support service is an affiliate of the Irish Cancer Society:

Whether you prefer the input of a professional, a circle of peers or an online forum from the comfort of your home, a good support system can help you cope with cancer.

Cancer support centres

A cancer support centre is a facility that provides a range of services for cancer patients and their families. Some centres in Ireland are on or near hospital grounds; however, the majority are community- based.

Cancer support centres generally operate a drop-in service where anyone concerned with cancer can call in for a cup of tea, access information about cancer and learn about the programmes available in the centre. Most centres provide a wide range of services including professional counselling and complementary therapies.

Expressive therapies such as creative writing and art, along with gentle exercise like yoga and tai chi are generally free of charge, but you must book them. Some centres offer specialist services such as prosthesis fitting and manual lymph drainage.Affiliated cancer support groups  offer recognised exercise programmes developed by the Irish Cancer Society such as the Strides for Life exercise programme.

Many types of cancer support groups as well as peer support are offered in cancer support centres nationwide.  Our  Living Life group offers support for people who have been recently diagnosed with secondary cancer.

Professionally-led support groups

Professionally led support groups are facilitated by professionals like social workers, psychologists, or oncology nurses. The facilitator both manages discussions and provides all the administration for the group such as booking the room and inviting members.

These types of support group may run for a specified period of time and follow a format. Guest speakers are often an integral part of this type of group.

Online cancer support groups and forums

If you are experiencing side effects from treatment and have difficulty leaving your home, an online community can be the simplest, most effective way to get the support you need. They can also benefit people caring for loved ones at home.

Online support groups and forums allow you to stay anonymous, which helps many become more candid about their feelings, fears, and frustrations.

Register with our Online community today and talk to others who have similar experiences.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016