Support Services Affiliation Programme

Some of our Irish Cancer Society affiliated cancer support centres, groups and services

We provide training to volunteers, managers and board members of cancer support services that are affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society. In this section, you can find out more information on setting up a group, affiliating with the Irish Cancer Society and more guidelines  for support groups and services.

Setting up a support group

Are you living in an area that doesn't have a cancer support service? We can help you by providing information and advice about how to start and maintain a cancer support service.

Find out more in our Guideliness for Cancer Support Services in Ireland (pdf 8.4 MB).

We also give training to volunteers, managers and board members of cancer support services that are affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society. You can apply to become an affiliated service.

Affiliating with the Irish Cancer Society

The Irish Cancer Society affiliation programme is open to any non-profit group who provides psycho-social support to people affected by cancer in Ireland.

Affiliation to the Irish Cancer Society will increase the collective strength of cancer support services in Ireland, which will ultimately benefit those people in Ireland who are or who have been on a cancer journey. Collective action is more effective than single action.

Find out more about the affiliation process:

Where can I find information about local cancer support centres?

The fourth edition of our Affiliates Directory is now available in PDF booklet format and in our online directory of cancer support groups, services and centres affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society.

The purpose of this directory is to provide information on the availability of cancer support services in Ireland and to promote their use.  For ease of use the directory has been divided into six sections:

See the online directory  for information on support groups, services and centes affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society.

Training and support for affiliated groups

We offer training for volunteers, managers and board members of cancer support services.  These are advertised in our monthly Affiliates Update email newsletter and on

Our partner programmes

Affiliated cancer support groups offer recognised programmes developed by the Irish Cancer Society.

Strides for Life

The Irish Cancer Society’s Strides for Life based on the “Murphy Cardiovascular (METs) Programme” is a 15 week walking programme for cancer survivors. Strides for Life aims to empower cancer survivors to get active and to help improve their overall health and well-being and also can help reduce the risk of recurrence for certain cancer types.

Strides for Life brings a participant through a structured walking programme gradually increasing fitness and training over its course.

The programme aims to bring the individual to a level of fitness where they can help reduce their risk of a recurrence and improve their health and quality of life. It is individualised for each participant’s fitness level and their own personal schedule gradually increasing the workload every week over the 15 weeks.

Prostate Cancer Psychosocial Education Programme

The six session programme aims to enhance the physical and psychosocial wellbeing and quality of life for prostate cancer survivors by identifying and responding to supportive care needs, developing healthy coping strategies and managing lifestyle changes.

The programme provides opportunities for participants to share their experiences and concerns, increase their understanding of the prostate cancer experience and its consequences, explore their attitudes towards prostate cancer and develop their skills in coping with and surviving prostate cancer.

The programme is facilitator-led using an adult learning approach building on the knowledge skills and experiences of the participants, negotiating a group contract around programme topics, group discussion and inputs.  It is only open to men who have had a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Living Life

The Living Life programme is an information and peer-support programme for people who have recently been diagnosed with secondary cancer. The programme offers information, support and the opportunity to meet with other people who are living in a similar situation.

It is an eight session closed group run over 16 weeks for people who have been diagnosed with secondary cancer within twelve months of the first session.


Many patients or their families seek support for adjusting to life with cancer, stress reduction, relationship issues, decision making, end-of-life, survivorship and/or grief work. Depending on the circumstances, this can take the form of one to one, couples, or family counselling. Find out more

Social media and affiliated partners

From May 2015, we have a new social media policy for promoting events and activities of groups, services and centres currently affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society. This policy covers promotion of activities on the Irish Cancer Society's own Facebook page and social media channels.

Read the social media policy here. Here is a guide to creating a Facebook page.

Contact us

If you are interested in setting up a support group or have any questions about the Irish Cancer Society affiliation programme contact

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