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While we do not know everything about how to prevent and treat cancer we have learned a lot over the years on the subject.

It is now clear that you can reduce your risk of cancer hugely by following the European Code against Cancer. Knowing the signs and symptoms of cancer is also important and attending screening programmes helps you to spot it early. It is also important to get to know your body and check it for change that could be cancer. Spotting cancer makes a real difference to you chance of surviving a diagnosis.

The booklets, leaflets, factsheets, posters and other resources listed below provide information on:

  1. How to reduce your risk of developing a variety of cancers
  2. How to spot cancer early
  3. Smoking, how to prepare to quit and quit for good
  4. A number of specific cancers such as breast, bowel, prostate and lung.

Check them out and decide what one change you will make to reduce your cancer risk and to spot it early.


Smoking is linked to one in every three cancers in this country. For this reason if you are a smoker the best thing you can do to reduce your cancer risk is quit. The resources in this section are designed to support you think about your habit, quit and stay quit.

  • Smoking: what's the story
    Smoking information poster for young people and teens, suitable for youth work / youth education settings.

Reducing your risk

The European Code Against Cancer gives advice on 12 ways you can reduce your cancer risk. These resources give you the key messages from this code that you can help you make choices to reduce your risk.

Spot Cancer Early

You are more likely to survive cancer if you find it at an early stage. Our Spot Cancer Early resources give you information on some of the key changes  to look for when checking your body for change that could be cancer

A focus on diet, physical activity, weight and alcohol

  • Reduce your risk of cancer by diet, physical activity and weight booklet
    Scientists estimate that about one in every three of the 13 most common cancers could be prevented through improved diet, physical activity and body weight. This booklet gives you tips on the small changes you can make to reduce your risk.

  • Alcohol, Cancer and Your Health booklet
    You can reduce your chance of getting cancer if you avoid alcohol or drink only a little.  In this booklet find out the real facts about the link between alcohol and cancer, what is in a measure and  get tips to help you tackle your drinking.

Women's health

These resources give information on cancer in general along with information on specific cancers that affect women.

Men's health

These booklets provide information and advice about men's health and cancers that affect men.

  • This leaflet gives you an overview of testicular cancer and what affects your risk. It also looks at how to check your testicles and more.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland. It is very rare in people under 15 years of age. But over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation from childhood onwards affects your risk. These leaflets and posters below give you tips on what you can do to protect your skin when outdoors and how to check your skin for changes that could be skin cancer.

  • Be SunSmart leaflet
    Get advice on how you can protect your skin when you are outdoors to reduce your risk of skin cancer from this leaflet.

  • Be SunSmart poster (Available to download only)
    Get advice on how you can protect your skin when you are outdoors to reduce your risk of skin cancer from this poster.

  • Protecting children and young people from ultraviolet radioation damage factsheet (Available to download only)
    This factsheet is not available in print format.  It gives advice to people working with children and young people on how to protect their skin when outdoors.

  • Melanoma - what you should know leaflet
    This leaflet gives you information on what to check your skin for when looking for change that could be melanoma skin cancer.

  • Sunbed poster
    Using a sunbed greatly increases your risk of melanoma skin cancer.  This poster advises against sunbed use and highlights that there is nothing safe about them.

  • Outdoor Workers poster
    Get advice on how you can protect your skin when you are an outdoors worker to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Bowel cancer

Lung cancer

Other publications

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