Reduce your risk publications

While we do not know everything about how to prevent and treat cancer we have learned a lot over the years on the subject.

It is now clear that you can reduce your risk of cancer hugely by following the European Code against Cancer.  Knowing the signs and symptoms of cancer is also important and attending screening programmes helps you to spot it early. It is also important to get to know your body and check it for change that could be cancer. Spotting cancer makes a real difference to you chance of surviving a diagnosis.

The booklets, leaflets, factsheets, posters and other resources listed below provide information on:

  1. How to reduce your risk of developing a variety of cancers
  2. How to spot cancer early
  3. Smoking, how to prepare to quit and quit for good
  4. A number of specific cancers such as breast, bowel, prostate and lung.

Check them out and decide what one change you will make to reduce your cancer risk and to spot it early.


Smoking is linked to one in every three cancers in this country. For this reason if you are a smoker the best thing you can do to reduce your cancer risk is quit. The resources in this section are designed to support you think about your habit, quit and stay quit.

Date Last Reviewed: 
Thursday, February 16, 2017