The Real Cost of Cancer: Your stories

n 2015, the Irish Cancer Society published the first report of a major campaign to highlight the financial effects of a cancer diagnosis.

As part of this campaign, we gathered the following case studies from a hospital in Dublin which highlight the financial worry and practical impact of cancer for cancer patients.

The next report in the “Real Cost of Cancer” campaign will be launched in late 2019. 

Aisling is a breast cancer survivor from Wicklow who found it very difficult to manage financially during her cancer treatment. A mother of 2, it took her 5 years to feel normal again.

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Father of 6 Michael was 54 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was self employed. He spent his entire life savings on his treatment.

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Sinead was a new mum at 34 when she was diagnosed with lymphoma. It took her and family nearly 10 years to recover financially from their experience.

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Avril's husband went through leukaemia in 2014 and both had to give up work during treatment. Together with their 3 children the family had to survive on barely €300 a week.

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A GP, Sarah is living with metastatic bowel cancer - bowel cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. Her experience has prompted her to become an advocate for metastatic cancer patients.

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Are you affected by the financial cost of a cancer diagnosis?

Tell us your story. By sharing your story, you will help put this issue on the Government's agenda by raising awareness about the issue.

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