Volunteer at a Daffodil Centre

Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Centres provide cancer information, support and advice in local hospitals.

The centres are an extension of our Cancer Information Service. We aim to provide a wide range of information locally through our Daffodil Centres, to anyone affected by or concerned about cancer.

More information about our Daffodil Centres, including where you can find your nearest Daffodil Centre is available here:

Daffodil Centres

What's involved in becoming a Daffodil Centre Volunteer

Daffodil Centre Volunteers are essential to the running of the service. The role involves:

  • Welcoming visitors to the centre
  • Talking to enquirers, listening and identifying their needs and signposting to appropriate sources of information and support
  • For medical or complex queries arranging for the enquirer to talk to the Cancer Information Nurse
  • Helping to promote the centre by distributing leaflets and posters at designated display points within the hospital
  • Participating in ‘Cancer Awareness & Early Detection’ campaigns and relaying any key cancer prevention messages as outlined by the Irish Cancer Society
  • On occasions accompanying enquirers to cancer related areas/services within the hospital
  • Helping to ensure the centre is tidy and well maintained
  • Volunteers are also asked to carry out some minimal administrative tasks

Time Commitment

On commencing in the Daffodil Centre volunteers are asked to commit to four hours (a morning or afternoon) once a week. The centres are generally open 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. As they are closed evenings and weekends there is no requirement for volunteers at these times.


Following successful interview volunteers are required to attend four full days training. Below is an example of what this entails:

  • Overview of Irish Cancer Society services
  • Overview of the hospital oncology services and functions
  • Hospital orientation and induction
  • Understanding the emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis
  • Boundaries and Confidentiality
  • Communication Skills
  • The Irish Cancer Society arranges ongoing training for volunteers based on the needs of the centre such as training on ‘Financial Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis’ and ‘Smoking Cessation’.

Current volunteer opportunities

We are currently recruiting volunteers at a number of our Daffodil Centres in hospitals around the country. If you would like more information please contact us at volunteer@irishcancer.ie

Volunteer assessment process

In order to become a Daffodil Centre volunteer, applicants must complete an assessment period which includes the following:

  • Interview
  • 2 half days online training
  • Garda clearance
  • Reference checks
  • Upon completion of the training process, the above assessment will determine whether the applicant is suited to the Daffodil Centre Volunteer role.
More information

For more information about Daffodil Centres visit our Daffodil Centres pages. For more information about volunteering with the Irish Cancer Society, contact the Volunteer Team at volunteer@irishcancer.ie.

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