Training tips and guides for your marathon or race

Fundraiser Chris taking part in the Dingle marathon for Irish Cancer Society

Training can be fun if you plan and focus on your goals. Download one of our training guides to ensure youre ready to take on your challenge:

5km training guide 2022
5km & 10km training guide
A 6/8-week training plan to get you fit to take on a 5km/10km charity run
marathon training guide 2022
Marathon training guide
Downloadable 18-week training guide for marathon-length races.
active challenge belly poster 2022
Active Challenge Belly Poster
Print off and fill in this poster to tell everyone about your fundraiser, and announce the results after!

We're here to help you make every step count.

Check out our top training tips:

  • Clearly identify your personal goals: Remember start where you are and build up the distance gradually. Dont be afraid to walk as you become a runner, thats great training too. We all have to start somewhere.
  • Find a training buddy or group: Training with a friend or group can make the time go faster, help you go further and make it all more fun.
  • Get the right gear: The right shoes and gear can make the world of difference and its nice to look good too.
  • Stay healthy: Build a solid base for training with good hydration, a balanced diet and plenty of sleep.
  • Pace yourself: Remember Rome wasnt built in a day. Do not increase your mileage too soon or you will get injured.
  • It's okay to rest: You do not have to train hard every day. Easy recovery training is just as important. Remember your body has to repair itself following a hard workout.     
  • See the forest and the trees: Nothing is as beneficial as exercising outside.     
  • Hit the hills: Hill training will make you strong fast.     
  • Form your pit crew: A physical therapist or chartered physiotherapist can help prevent and rehab injuries and running aches and pains.
  • Be true to you: Remember train in a way that is right for your abilities. We are all different.

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