Clinician Research Development Fellowship 2023

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The Irish Cancer Society is now accepting applications for the Clinician Research Development Fellowship 2023.

A key priority in the Irish Cancer Society Strategy 2020-2025 is to ensure that Irish patients benefit from world-class cancer research and expertise. Central to this focus is developing research talent to ensure that Ireland is in a position to foster, attract and retain world-class cancer research leaders who will drive evidence-based improvements in patient care.

As part of this commitment, the Irish Cancer Society wishes to invite eligible Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) training in any oncology-related discipline*, to submit an application for the Irish Cancer Society’s Clinician Research Development Fellowship 2023

As highlighted in the 2017 National Cancer Strategy, the Irish Cancer Society recognises that cancer clinicians require support at this pivotal time in their training to develop as competitive cancer researchers and to be in a position to undertake and drive world-class cancer research in Ireland in future.   

Therefore, the purpose of the Clinician Research Development Fellowship 2023 is to provide the opportunity for NCHDs to develop cancer research experience

Ideally the NCHD candidate will be aligned with an Irish postgraduate training body and enrolled on a higher specialist training (HST)/specialist registrar (SpR) Scheme. However, this is not a mandatory requirement, and applications from candidates undertaking a parallel training path or other NCHDs will be accepted provided they provide proof of strong support from a clinical mentor.

The funding available can be used for a variety of activities, once appropriately justified. The successful applicant of this award could, for example, use this funding for salary, enabling them to spend some time away from clinical and administrative commitments over their training to focus on developing and growing an important aspect of Irish cancer research, such as writing and developing clinical trial applications. A maximum of €8,500 each year could alternatively be used towards M.D. or Ph.D. enrolment fees.

This is intended to be a transformative investment for a clinician who has already demonstrated that they are passionate about undertaking active, patient-focused cancer research, but needs the extra support to enable them to accelerate their trajectory to leading and directing research based in Ireland.

*Further details on oncology-related disciplines and eligibility requirements are provided in the Guidelines for Applicants document below.


Funding and Duration

The maximum total funding available is €100,000. The funding period is 18 – 48 months.

Please note that this award can provide funding for a variety of research activities, e.g. salary, running costs associated with a specific research project(s), training and dissemination costs, PPI costs, M.D. or Ph.D. fees etc.

Submission and Key Dates


All applications must be completed and submitted through the Irish Cancer Society Gateway Grant Tracker online system, by registering at the following address:


Application deadline: 3pm GMT Thursday 6th April 2023.


Key Dates



Grant Call Opens

Thursday 9th March 2023

Application Deadline

3 pm, Thursday 6th April 2023

Review of Applications

April 2023


Mid-May 2023

Award Announced

May 2023

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