HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2022- Translational Biomedical Research – Areas of Unmet Need in Cancer


We are pleased to announce that the Irish Cancer Society is accepting applications as part of the HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2022.

The Irish Cancer Society is a member of Health Research Charities Ireland (HRCI- formerly Medical Research Charities Group), which was founded in 1998 with the aim of supporting charities in Ireland to increase both the quality and quantity of healthcare research being done in Ireland. The HRCI represents the joint interests of charities specialising in restoring health through medical research, diagnosis and treatment and, where possible, the prevention of disease.

The HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme aims to fund researchers and research teams to conduct internationally competitive and innovative research in areas of strategic relevance to each charity. HRCI-HRB awards are up to a maximum total award value of €300,000 for projects from 12 - 36 months.

The Irish Cancer Society will run our own call based on our strategic priorities, but will be using the standard application guidance and forms provided by the HRB.

The theme for the Irish Cancer Society call as part of the HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme is Translational Biomedical Research – Areas of Unmet Need in Cancer. 

Applications must focus on cancers with significant challenges and unmet needs; this includes: paediatric cancers, rare cancers, metastatic disease, and poor response or poor prognosis cancers.

In addition, innovative translational biomedical research projects that seek to develop new tools, technology or methodologies to aid in improving cancer outcomes will also be accepted, e.g. immuno-oncology, liquid biopsies, next gen sequencing etc.

Please see the Guidelines for Applicants for more information


HRCI-HRB awards are up to a maximum total award value of €300,000 for projects from 12 - 36 months.

How to apply

Applicants must email notifying of their ‘intention to submit’, by Thursday 14th October 2021. This email must provide an outline of the application, including:

  1. Proposed Project Title
  2. 5 Keywords
  3. Full Application Team

Full applications must then be submitted by email to by the deadline of 3.00pm, Thursday, 11th November 2021.

For a full list of eligibility criteria please refer to our guidance document

Key dates*

Thursday 16th September 2021  Call open
Thursday 14th October 2021Intention to submit deadline  
Friday 15th October 2021PPI Information Session
3pm Thursday, 11th November 2021 Deadline for applications
December 2021-January 2022Irish Cancer Society external peer review
January 2022Right-to Reply Phase
Early March 2022HRB Application Deadline
July 2022Applicant Notification
From September 2022Research Project Start Date

For any queries relating to this call, please contact

For further information on the HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme, please go to:



Guidelines and documents
Documents to download