Fit for Work and Life Evaluation Report 2019

fit for work

The evaluation of Fit for Work and Life, the Irish Cancer Society’s, Community Health and Wellbeing Programme, tells the story of how we used a partnership approach to develop a regionally organised, community capacity- building model from concept to delivery. This approach empowers individuals to take control of their health, with the support of their community behind them.

The report demonstrates the overall positive impact of the programme on participants’ health awareness, knowledge of cancer prevention, behavioural change, feelings of empowerment and overall satisfaction with the programme. It examines how the FFWL community delivery model, was implemented in partnership with regional community partners and trained community facilitators, across three regions of Ireland. It makes recommendations on the future development and expansion of the programme.

The National Centre for Men’s Health, Carlow Institute of Technology, conducted an external evaluation of the Fit for Work and Life programme and delivery model. The Results of the evaluation based on a survey of 264 participants who took in programme in Monaghan, Limerick and North Dublin in 2016 and 2017.

fit for work
Fit For Work & Life 2019 Evaluation
The Irish Cancer Society’s Community Health and Wellbeing Programme: Evaluation and Recommendations for the Future: 2019

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