David & Martina's Shave or Dye challenge

Husband and wife David and Martina Kingsland both braved the shave for the Irish Cancer Society while staying home during the coronavirus pandemic. They shared videos of their head shaves on Facebook to entertain their friends and family.

"We set up a Facebook fundraiser and raised about €2,000" says David. "It was all very easy to do. Fundraising on Facebook is really simple. 

"We wanted to do something to help people with cancer. We actually found out after setting up the fundraiser that my Mum has bladder cancer.

"To anyone thinking about doing a Shave or Dye fundraiser, I'd say there's no better time to do it than while in lockdown. Do it! Its a no brainer. But put suncream on your head afterwards!"

Are you ready to Shave or Dye?

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