Donna Marie Cullen and son Max (2)

Daffodil Diaries

People are at the heart of Daffodil Day - people with cancer and their loved ones; people who volunteer; people who fundraise; people who deliver our vital cancer services.

Learn more about the people Daffodil Day supports and our supporters.

People living with and beyond cancer

Stories of cancer patients and survivors

Jack Joyce

"I want to bring the memories of her all to the one place; and she is never gone, she is still in my heart and my head."

Mary Walsh

“Since I’ve been diagnosed I’ve been trying to spread the message among my friends that it’s really important to check themselves, because it is."

Kevin Lawlor 1
Volunteer Driver Kevin

‘You meet some really nice, genuine people’

Bernadette Murray

"One thing I would say to women is if you notice anything different at all about your breasts, do something about it."

Jessica Heffernan

“Kids are part of my future, and I’ll just have to take a different route now."

Irish Cancer Society Night Nurse Geraldine

'In the morning families come to me and say they had a lovely sleep because they knew someone was caring for their loved one and that they didn’t have to worry.' 


“It was always something we wanted to do but always put it on the long finger."


"I found one of the hardest parts was to keep telling people bad news, I still find that tough years later."

rachel o m

During the summer of 2007, Rachel O’Mahony took the opportunity to have a health screening, which was offered via her work.

michelle moore

When Michelle Moore found a lump in her breast in April 2016, she wasn’t initially concerned. 

aideen b

In January 2021, thirty-eight year old Aideen Bates was looking to take the first step towards weaning her six month old son. Around this time Aideen had also noticed a lump in her left breast.

evelyn mc

In July 2013, forty-year-old Evelyn McAuliffe found a lump under her arm during a self-examination. 

Cristina Loiola 2

After two diagnoses, a mastectomy and a breast reconstruction, Cristina Loiola has taken one big learning from the past year.

Mike Kelly 2

Mike Kelly doesn’t need to be told about his good fortune at having caught his own cancer early, after he tragically experienced the other side of the story when he lost his partner Barnes to leukaemia in 2006.

Nikki Knight 2

In 2020 with the pandemic still raging the front-line worker and mum-of-four from Balbriggan found a lump in her breast.

Sharon Greaves

"I feel I was one of the lucky ones. I didn’t have any symptoms of pancreatic cancer" 

Gina Boote 2

'Everything changed so fast' 

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