Bereavement support

There are a number of organisations that offer information and emotional support following the death of a loved one. If you need any help with finding support after a bereavement, please call our Cancer Nurseline on 1800 200 700.

Practical information

The Citizens Information Board has helpful information on how to cope with legal and financial issues when a loved one dies. You can access an online copy of their book Bereavement – Information for those affected by bereavement at this link. Citizens Information also publishes information on its website that is short and easy to read. You can this part of its website here  You can also visit a Citizens Information Centre and talk to an advice worker.
For more information on Citizens Information and its resources:
Tel: 1890 777 121
Find your local office here:

Bereavement support for adults

Several groups and organisations can help you cope with the emotional aspects of death. These include:
The Irish Hospice Foundation

As well as providing palliative (end of life) nursing care to terminally ill patients, the Hospice Foundation provides information on bereavement and coping with loss on its dedicated website  The three sections below are sourced from the website. They are very helpful and cross-link to audio-visual and written resources on grief and bereavement.  


You can download leaflets or order them from the Foundation’s website. The Irish Hospice Foundation also runs workshops from January to June each year for bereaved members of the public and professionals working in this area.

At a direct level, each hospice offers a bereavement support service to those who lose a loved one in the care of the hospice. Ask the staff what services are available to the family members. 

For more details on the Irish Hospice Foundation and its resources:

Tel:  01 6793188




Bereavement Ireland
This charity, whose website is Bereavement Ireland, offers one-to-one counselling by appointment. Volunteers may also be available for telephone and emergency counselling sessions. 
For appointments please phone:
Dawson Street, Dublin  Tel:  01 676 8882
Baldoyle, Dublin Tel: 01 839 1766 
Bray, Co. Wicklow Tel: 01 839 1766
Newbridge, Co. Kildare Tel: 045 433 563
Kildare and Carlow Tel: 045 522 773 

Phibsboro Tel: 01- 8391766

Dalkey, Tel: 01-8391766  

Fosters Ave, Mount Merrion, Tel: 01-8391766 

For more information on Bereavement Ireland and its services:
The NAWI has 30 branches throughout the country and their activities range from outings, social gatherings, holidays, seminars and counselling to educational talks and demonstrations.
Monday – Thursday: 12 noon - 4pm
Tel:    (Answering machine) 01 873 3622 / 01 872 8814   
Bethany Catholic parish-based bereavement support groups are available in:
  • Dublin
  • Louth
  • Kildare
  • Meath
  • Wicklow
  • Wexford
  • Westmeath
To contact a local centre please ring 087 990 5299 or email  is an American Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss. 

Psychotherapy services

If you are finding it difficult to cope with your feelings after a bereavement, speaking to a professional such as a psychotherapist or other mental health professional may help. 
A psychotherapist may be a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health professional that has had further specialist training in psychotherapy. There are many different approaches in psychotherapy, these are "talking therapies", which include; cognitive behavioral therapies and psychoanalytic therapies.
Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP)  provides a list of registered counsellors in Ireland according to county, qualification and areas of interest.
Tel:  01 272 3427 
Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy believes that individuals are fundamentally responsible for themselves and seeks to help people who are in crisis and/or are searching for meaning and purpose in life.  
Tel: 01 284 1665 

Psychology services

Psychology is the study of people - how they think, how they act, react and interact. Psychologists deal in the way the mind works and motivation. Many people find it difficult to motivate themselves after the death of a loved one or they may notice how they think or act changes. Psychologists can help address these feelings.
Psychological Society of Ireland provides list of psychologists in Ireland.
Tel: .01 474 9160 

Bereavement support for children and teenagers

The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network supports people working with grieving children and young people. It provides a range of information and advice on how to deal with grief in children and adolescents.


The Palliative Hub is a project of the All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care. The hub was created to act as a gateway to information about children and young people’s palliative care on the island of Ireland.
Rainbows is a peer support programme to help children, youths and adults who are grieving. It is usually run through schools.
Tel: 01 473 4175 
Solas Barnardos’ Bereavement Counselling Service  is available for children and families. Individual and family counselling can be arranged in Dublin and Cork by appointment. 
Helpline: 01 473 2110 Open Monday to Friday; 10am-12pm.
Dublin: Barnardos, Hyde Square, 654 South Circular Road, Dublin 8
Tel: 01 453 0355    
Cork: Barnardos, The Bowling Green, White Street, Cork
Tel: 021 431 0591    
The Family Support Agency was set up to support a variety of services to assist families around the country experiencing marriage or relationship difficulties and for children experiencing bereavement or parental separation.
4th Floor, St Stephen's Green House, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 
Tel: 01 611 4100  
Cruse Bereavement Care is an interactive UK website for young people, with online books and chat forums.
Winston’s Wish is a UK organisation that helps children to rebuild their lives after the death of a parent or sibling. 
They provide a wide range of books for children.

Bereavement support for parents and families on the sudden loss of a child

The sudden loss of a child is one of the most unimaginable pains a family can experience. Every year in Ireland children and young people die suddenly, unexpectedly and often without explanation. FirstLight offers professional support and information, and promotes research into the sudden, unexpected, often unexplained death of a child. FirstLight is here to support the parents and families who have lost a child, regardless of the circumstances.

Support for families following the death of a baby

Anam Cara is an organisation that supports bereaved parents.  Anam Cara support groups are situated throughout Ireland and provide parents with a safe, comfortable environment where they have the opportunity to connect with other bereaved parents who understand the intensity of the grief and loss.
Anam Cara is an inclusive organisation where parents do not identify themselves by their children’s age, how they died, or if their death was recent or many years ago. Services are available free of charge to all bereaved parents.
Tel: 01 4045378
A Little Lifetime Foundation offers support and information not only for families facing or coping with the tragedy of a baby’s death but also for anyone who comes in contact with these families.  It offers some insight into the experience.Family members can be directed to light a candle for parents and families of bereaved children.

Useful literature

For adults:
This book can be ordered here.   
The Irish Hospice Foundation provides a large range of leaflets and booklets on bereavement and can be accessed online here.
For adults supporting children and young people:
The Grieving Child – H. Fitzgerald
Simon & Schuster Inc. ISBN 0671767623
A Support Guide for Parents and Professionals 
Edited by Earl A. Grollman
Beacon Press. ISBN 0807023078
Helping Children Cope with Grief: Facing a Death in the Family (Overcoming Common Problems) 
Rosemary Wells.
Sheldon Press. ISBN 085969559X
Grief Encounter – Shelley Gilbert
Grief Encounter Project, PO Box 49701
London N20 8XJ
ISBN 0954843401
For children:
  • Winston’s Wish publications are available here.
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