Breast screening in Ireland

Breast screening means taking a mammogram (X-ray) of your breasts to look for breast cancer.

A mammogram can pick up small changes when they are too small to see or feel.

BreastCheck, the National Breast Screening Programme, offers all women aged 50 and 68 a free mammogram every two years.

BreastCheck encourages women to make sure they are on the register by contacting BreastCheck on Freephone 1800 45 45 55 or by checking online at (external link)

Why is breast screening important?

Finding cancer early saves lives and can mean that the cancer is easier to treat.

Less than one per cent of women screened are diagnosed with cancer, and these women have an good chance of successful treatment.

Breast screening is a very effective way of spotting breast cancer early, but it is not the only way. Cancer can occur at any time, even between screenings. It is often women themselves who first notice their breast cancer. It is therefore important to be breast aware between mammograms.

If you are over 68, it is important to continue to be breast aware. You can also talk to your doctor about having further mammograms.

Click here for a PDF version of our "Breast cancer - what you should know" leaflet.

For more information on breast cancer, and how we can support you, check out our dedicated breast cancer information section.

Date Last Reviewed: 
Tuesday, February 19, 2019