How to be referred to the Volunteer Driver Service

  • First, speak to your healthcare professional (either a social worker or a nurse) in one of our partner hospitals, who will discuss with you whether the service is suitable for your needs (unfortunately the Volunteer Driver Service isn't suitable for everyone).
  • If the hospital refers you, then the team in the office will be in contact with you regarding your first appointment.
  • You will then need to contact the Volunteer Driver Service team through their booking line (01 2310 522 or email ) with your treatment schedule dates (at least three full working days in advance).
  • Once we have that appointment time and date, we'll then start contacting our national team of Volunteer Drivers to see who is available. Although we can’t guarantee that we will find a driver for every single appointment, we do guarantee to try our best.
  • So, once we have located a driver and they are available to take that drive, the Volunteer Driver themselves will contact you (the patient) a day or two before the appointment to introduce themselves and re-confirm details of the appointment (directions to your house; whether a companion will be accompanying you; whether you are bringing any equipment with you; pick-up time; etc.).
  • On the day of the drive itself, at the agreed pick up time, the driver will arrive outside the door of your home to bring you to the hospital for your treatment. This service is door-to-door service - from your door, to the hospital door and then back to your door again.
  • The driver will give you their contact details for that particular day and you will need to contact them 30 minutes before your treatment ends so that they can be ready to collect you at the hospital door and return you to your home.
  • This service is completely free to the patient, so drivers are not allowed to accept gifts or money for driving you. All driver expenses are paid by the Society.

Changes to your appointment

If your appointment schedule changes, as can happen, please let us know as soon as possible. It is the patient's responsibility to communicate all treatment or schedule changes to the Volunteer Driver Service team in the office (01 2310 522), not the driver's. We understand that this can be a difficult time for a patient and their family so we will try to do our best and accommodate as many scheduled appointments as possible so please do give us as much notice as possible.

About our drivers and the Volunteer Driver Service

  • All our Volunteer Drivers undergo checks before they are able to transport patients on this service. Volunteers are interviewed, trained (around boundaries, confidentiality, data protection, etc), reference checked, garda vetted and then must attend a Support & Supervision session held annually. 
  • When we initially part with a hospital, we meet with their portering and car parking services to ensure that they are aware of the programme and supportive of it. This ensures continuity of service between the Volunteer Driver Service and the hospital staff and maximum support for the patient.

If you need more information on the service, visit our Volunteer Driver Service landing page or contact the Volunteer Driver Service team on 01 2310 522./

Date Last Revised: 
Monday, November 9, 2015