The fight against breast cancer

Thank you so much for your support in the fight against breast cancer. Thanks to people like you we are making progress, however, this devastating disease still affects thousands of families across Ireland.

Every year, on average, nearly 3,000 women get diagnosed with breast cancer in Ireland. That’s 8 women every day, 8 mothers, sisters, grandmothers or friends hearing those dreaded words. 

They’re women that suddenly have to come to terms with a diagnosis, think about how to tell their families and friends and then go through their intensive treatments. Often, at this time, these women can feel confused and alone.

Support for those who need it!

Your donations mean support is there for cancer patients throughout their journey.

The Cancer Nurseline is one of the amazing services that allows patients that are concerned about cancer, or have just been diagnosed with cancer to talk to a qualified nurse. Someone who will listen and help patients and their families piece together their diagnosis.

It can give them hope for their future and relief in knowing that there is someone to turn to should they need it. They have someone to talk to and it’s someone that understands – and that’s thanks to supporters like you.

Register today and help us beat breast cancer.

Register for Cups against cancer this October for your mum, your sister, your daughter, your grandmother, your community, and for you!

Find out more about Irish Cancer Society research.

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Can I reduce my risk of breast cancer?

The Irish Cancer Society also carries out research in the area of cancer prevention. Our Cancer Prevention team work tirelessly to spread awareness and promote good habits within our communities so that we can reduce our risk of developing cancer. Our Cancer Prevention team, in collaboration with the European Code Against Cancer, have created an infographic which consists of twelve recommendations that most people can follow without any special skills or advice.

The more recommendations people follow, the lower their risk of cancer will be.

Read more about the 12 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk.

If you have any questions or concerns about breast cancer, please do not hesitate to contact our Cancer Nurseline on Freephone 1800 200 700.

'One day at a time'

Rosie Cups against CancerTurning to loved ones can be hard for some breast cancer patients during such a vulnerable time as cancer affects everyone in the family. Rosie was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2014.

Once given her diagnosis Rosie found it difficult to talk to family and kept it to herself, she turned to the Cancer Nurseline which provided Rosie with someone to talk to and someone that understood what she was going through – and that’s thanks to supporters like you.

“I used the Cancer Nurseline on a number of occasions as sometimes I felt that the people around me were almost afraid to say things or said things that helped them feel better about it all. One thing that made huge sense to me was embracing ‘one day at a time’ and once I truly worked with those words it made it all that bit easier.”

The Cancer Nurseline is funded by supporters like you and provides free cancer information, advice and support to patients, carers and the general public. If you, or any of your family members are concerned about cancer or have any questions about a diagnosis, you can reach our Cancer Nurseline on 1800 200 700.