Mammogram (breast X-ray)

Older woman getting a mammogram

During the test

The X-ray is done with you standing up. You will need to be undressed above your waist. To do the X-ray, your breast is put flat onto a metal plate and another plate is gently lowered onto your breast to flatten it out. Then the X-rays are taken.

Does it hurt?

It can be a little bit uncomfortable having your breast flattened out. Your breast may feel a bit tender for a few hours afterwards. If you have the symptoms of imflammatory breast cancer, a mammogram might be too uncomfortable and you may have a punch biopsy instead.

How long does it take?

About 10-15 minutes

After the test

You will be able to go home after the mammogram. You might get your results the same day. If you need more tests you might have them on the same day too.

Mammogram video

Cancer Research UK has a helpful video on this test.

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