If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, we can support you. Find out about support services and programmes offered by the Irish Cancer Society and affiliated cancer support centres and groups. 

Talk to us on our Helpline - 1800 200 700
Monday-Thursday 9am--6pm
Friday 9am-5pm

Find out what support is available to anyone affected by cancer. We'll tell you more about the different types of support provided by support groups affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society: what they do, who participates in them and if they're the right thing for you. 

See our online directory of local cancer support centres, groups and services

Find out more about the Survivors Supporting Survivors programme. Our trained volunteers have all been through cancer themselves. They're available to anyone going through or finished with their treatment. Find out more


We can connect you with counsellors to talk about anything that's on your mind, and we fund the cost.  Find out more 
Complementary therapies include relaxation and psychotherapy, something that you can do along with your conventional therapies. We'll tell you what's involved and how to get such therapies. Find out more

We offer training and support for cancer support groups and services across Ireland.  Find out how to become an affiliated support group of the Irish Cancer Society.
Find out about our monthly newsletter for cancer support centres.
Find out more about  Living Well with Cancer - National Conference for Cancer Survivorship. The conference forms part of the Society’s survivorship programme and reflects our continued commitment to improving the lives of those living with cancer. Read more

You are not alone. Remember you can call the National Cancer Helpline or call into visit one our Daffodil Centres in hospitals across the country and speak to a cancer specialist nurse.