Training for your Marathon in a Month - Making your plan

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Get ready for your Marathon in a Month with this advice from Mary Jennings

Before you start running…

People who succeed at running have a clear plan of where they are heading. Do you know where you are going? The best way to kick start your month of running is to spend a bit of time getting your head in the right space.

There are 3 steps to this little exercise and at the end of it you will be motivated to put on your running shoes:

Step 1: Set your goal

You need a challenge that will keep you motivated to run on the days when it’s easy to make an excuse.

The challenge should be realistic but perhaps a little bit outside your comfort zone. Don’t make it too ambitious, you want to stick to your plan and not miss a run.

Step 2: Get a plan in place

Work out what's needed to get you to your goal. Be realistic about the time you can dedicate.

See your availability throughout the month on one page and then add in your runs. Looking at your plan on one sheet of paper makes it feel real and less daunting.

Step 3: Make it real

Make yourself accountable. Once your goal is on paper and you have a realistic plan in place, tell your family and friends.

Print out the plan and put it somewhere you will see it every day. The more people that know, the less likely you are to skip a run.

You might even encourage others in your house to join you, sponsor you or manage to get a running buddy for the month.

If you do follow these 3 steps you should feel like you have control over your Marathon in a Month.

Running doesn’t have to consume your life, but if you don’t make time and plan it up front, there will always be something else to take priority. The month will pass regardless.

Make the most of the bright days. Pick a challenge, write it down, get a plan in place and tell someone who will help you keep on track.

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