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Turn your school, college or university yellow to celebrate 36 years of Daffodil Day in Ireland and help take back from cancer this Daffodil Day, March 24th.


I’m fundraising with…

Elementary school students with daffodils

Primary Schools

We are asking Primary Schools to raise funds this Daffodil Day by turning their school yellow with a yellow themed non-uniform day and age appropriate daffodil arts and crafts activities.

When you register your school, we’ll send you downloadable daffodil themed colouring and craft pages for your kids to decorate your classroom in handmade daffodils. And we can provide posters to spread the word of your fundraiser to other students, parents and teachers and encourage them to donate, which we also have as-gaeilge.

We will also share some details on a fun physical activity to get everyone moving during activity time…

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Collins McNicholls virtual coffee morning

Secondary Schools

How you fundraise in your secondary school is completely up to you – but we love a simple yellow themed non-uniform day to get everyone in the spirit. You could do a bake sale, talent show or sports day? Or task the students to come up with their own fundraiser as part of their development. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve registered your school we’ll send you a fundraising guide and materials to spread the word to your students, teachers and parents and encourage donations. We can also provide some materials as-gaeilge.

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UCD Rugby Club on Daffodil Day

Third Level Colleges and Universities

Engage your students to get creative and create a Daffodil Day event that’s a roaring success. Here’s some inspiration to bring Daffodil Day to your campus:

  • Bring carnival to campus and ask your students and clubs to run stalls across the campus on the day, from bake sales, bric-a-brac to games like ring on the hoop.
  • Hold a Daffodil Day treasure hunt. Task students to find the hidden treasures throughout the campus. The first one to complete the hunt, wins!
  • Set up a steps challenge and challenge your students and staff to cover a set amount of steps every day. You could even set up teams to add a bit of competition, first to complete, or most steps in the fastest time wins!

Once you’ve registered your college or university we’ll be in touch with a fundraising guide and materials to help advertise your event and make it a huge success.


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