Resources and publications

We publish a full range of booklets, leaflets and resources on cancer information and support, cancer prevention and more. You can download them here or obtain them in print format  from our Daffodil Centres, our Cancer Nurseline Freephone 1800 200 700 or affiliated support centres.

  • Cancer types -  booklets and factsheets for cancer patients, their family and friends. They include information on the cancer type, tests, treatments, side-effects and how to cope.
  • Treatments, side effects and symptoms -  booklets and factsheets with information on cancer treatments, side-effects and how to cope.
  • Coping - Cancer patients, their family and friends often find it difficult to cope with cancer. These booklets provide useful tips on how to talk about your feelings and where to find support.
  • Children and cancer - booklets that help you to talk to your children and tell you where to find support.
  • Financial concerns - booklets that provide information and advice on some financial concerns you might have.
  • Reduce your risk - find resources with information on how to reduce your risk of cancer and spot it early.  The resources include booklets, leaflets, bookmarks and posters.
  • About our services- find out about the cancer support services we provide which are funded by your donations.
  • Email newsletters- email newsletters for cancer researchers, health professionals and staff and volunteers of affiliated cancer support centres.
  • Annual reports - The Irish Cancer Society's Annual Reports
  • Highlight Magazine - The Irish Cancer Society's regular magazine for our supporters.
  • Reports and other resources - Reports and policy publications published by the Irish Cancer Society

How to order a print copy of an Irish Cancer Society publication

All our booklets are available for download from our website. However, If you are a patient, family member or friend and would like a print copy of some of the booklets call our Cancer Nurseline: Freephone 1800 200 700 to talk to a specialist cancer nurse

If you are a healthcare professional or company and would like to order print copies of these booklets, complete our online ordering form.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015