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Our logo is available for free use within the specified parameters. You may use the logo for demonstrative purposes or to promote your event, provided it’s placed properly. The Irish Cancer Society reserves the right to refuse the logo’s use and to request its removal when found outside of its intended usage. Please, treat it with care and never modify or add to it. It must appear standalone. If you are unsure about the use of our logo, or if you require the Irish Cancer Society logo for any other purpose, or any other logo associated with the Irish Cancer Society, please contact our Communications Department.


  • If the logo will be used on any background that isn't plain white, use the "tabbed" version of the logo
  • These logos are not intended for use at sizes larger than 10cm. Please contact us for usage outside this
  • You may use the logo for your fundraising campaign, but please keep it small and to the corner
  • Do not edit or recolour the logo, and ensure it has space on all sides
  • You may not us the logo on any item that will be sold, without our explicit permission
  • If you have any questions or are even slightly unsure about your use of our logo, please contact us at 01 231 0500 or communications@irishcancer.ie and we will be happy to advise you
Irish Cancer Society logos
Irish Cancer Society stacked logo
ICS Logo - Stacked - RGB - No Tab
This is our primary logo, and is to be used standalone, on a white background only.
Irish Cancer Society tab logo
ICS Logo - Stacked - Tab
This is our secondary logo, and is to be used where our primary logo cannot, such as on non-white backgrounds.
Irish Cancer Society vertical logo
ICS Logo - Linear - No Tab
This is our teriary logo, and is to be used where the primary and secondary logos aren't usable due to space limitations.

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