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How to care for your pair

You can 'care for your pair' by being breast aware, and checking your breasts every month.

Get 2 friends to do the same, and help to spread the word.

We have advice on how to check yourself, and what to check for. 

A list of what to check for in a breast self-exam.

What am I checking for? 

  • A lump of any size, or thickening in your breast
  • A change in the size or shape of one breast 
  • A change in the skin, like puckering, or dimpling (like orange peel), or redness 
  • A breast abscess (infected boil) – this may appear as a red, tender area on your breast
  • A change in the nipple shape, like a pulled-in, sunken, or flattened nipple 
  • An unusual discharge (liquid) from one or both of your nipples –
    the discharge may be blood-stained or watery
  • A change on or around the nipple, such as a rash, or flaky or crusted skin 
  • Swelling in your armpit or around your collarbone 

Breast pain alone is not usually a sign of breast cancer.


These symptoms can be caused by other things, but always get them checked by your GP (family doctor). 

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