PET scans for children

Boy going into a scanner

This scan uses an injection of a mildly radioactive substance, which can show up the cancer on a scan picture. It is normally done in children who have Hodgkin disease. It is done in the Blackrock Clinic, Co Dublin.

Before the test
Your child may be asked to fast (not eat) for a few hours before the test. 

Your child will have an injection of the radioactive substance in their hand or foot. Your child may feel a little prick as the needle goes in. 

After the injection, your child will rest for an hour to allow the substance to spread through the body. It can help to bring something to entertain your child to help pass the time. 

If your child might find it hard to stay still during the scan they can have sedation medication.

During the test
Your child will lie on a table which moves through a scanning ring. They will have to lie very still. 

How long does it take?
Your child will have to wait about an hour after the injection before having the scan. The scan can take up to 1 hour.

Are there risks / side-effects?
PET is safe to use and there are no side-effects.

After the test
Your child should be able to go home straight after the scan. If your child has had sedation they can go home once the sedation has worn off. 

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