What increases my risk of CLL?

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The cause of CLL is unknown. But there are certain things called risk factors that can increase your chance of developing the disease.

These include:


CLL happens mostly in people aged over 50. More than half of people are aged over 70 years when they are first diagnosed. It doesn’t affect children.


It is more common in men than women.

Family history

You have a slightly higher risk of getting CLL if some of your close relatives (e.g. a parent, brother or sister) had it, but the risk is small.

Ethnic group

CLL is most common in white populations of European origin. It is slightly less common in those of African origin and rare in Asian populations.

Having a risk factor doesn’t mean you will get cancer. Sometimes people with no risk factors get the disease. If you’re worried or have a family history of CLL, talk to your GP or talk to one of our cancer nurses. Call our Support Line on 1800 200 700 or visit a Daffodil Centre

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