Please use this form to register a team for a Relay For Life event. Team registration costs €100 in total, however, as captain you can pay a €10 deposit today. Alternatively if you are registering as an individual you can pay just €10.  You will be asked for your credit or debit card details at the final step in the registration.

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Team registration for Relay For Life costs €10 for a deposit or €100 to pay for the entire team of 10. Please choose how you would like to register below:
Please ensure that you and your team adheres to all Government Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions.

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Additional fundraising options

Participants have the option of creating an online fundraising page to collect donations from their friends and family safely and securely online.
You can find a list of all Relay For Life events under the "Campaigns" section here.

Once you've finished completing this form, you can find your event there and click "Start Fundraising"

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The information you have provided will be kept securely and used by the Irish Cancer Society in order to make your participation possible. Your information will only be shared with selected third party service providers, contracted by the Irish Cancer Society to assist with our campaigns. Your information will not be shared with any other organisation, other than with your permission, or where required by law.

By signing up for the event or campaign you will receive a confirmation email and subsequent communications by email, phone or SMS from the Irish Cancer Society to provide you important information about your participation.

I/We understand that any interviews/photographs/or films taken will be used for Irish Cancer Society publications/promotional materials, the Irish Cancer Society website or other media sharing site (e.g. YouTube).

I/We understand that the Irish Cancer Society may also use the interview/photograph/or film for the purpose of highlighting cancer and cancer issues to the media and general public with a view to achieving the organisation’s mission.

The Irish Cancer Society will ask your permission where possible if we wish to re-use an interview/photograph/or film that we have taken, and explain in what context it will be used.

I/We understand that the Irish Cancer Society cannot control re-use where interviews/photographs/or films have been taken by an outside organisation.

Remember: We want you to enjoy your fundraising event and stay safe!

The Irish Cancer Society accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury caused during the event you undertake. The Society’s insurance does not cover property or the property of your helper or guests, nor does it cover your personal liability for any injury suffered by yourself or your event participants. You should seek independent insurance advice prior to organising your event. Remember to use common sense when it comes to health and safety. Where food is involved, please take care and work to ensure safe preparation, storage and cooking. Please follow good hygiene practises.

The Fundraiser agrees to release the Irish Cancer Society to the fullest extent permissible under law for claims and demands of any kind, and from all liability that may arise in respect of any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person, except where such liability arises because of the negligence of the Irish Cancer Society or its agents.

The Irish Cancer Society reserves the right to terminate the agreement relating to an event at any time if it appears that a likelihood of the Fundraiser failing to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions.

These conditions are laid down in order to safeguard the integrity of those seeking and those giving sponsorship and to comply with the wishes of the Gardaí.

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