Marie Casey

Marie Casey

'It is so important to listen to your body and trust your gut instinct'

“I was in a state of shock after my mam passing away, and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was just devastating. I found a lump on my breast and went to the doctor, who told me it was just fatty tissue. He referred me though for an ultrasound and then a biopsy and I was diagnosed with breast cancer a week later. It was all a whirlwind, I had two surgeries followed by radiotherapy, and all while trying to come to terms with my mam’s passing.”

Marie said it was a very lonely experience going through radiotherapy in Waterford during Covid-19 as there was nobody there to support her.

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The environment in the hospital was very surreal. It was so quiet.

“It was very lonely because I couldn’t have anyone in the hospital with me and there was no hanging around talking to anyone. On my last day of treatment in particular it would have been nice to have someone there with me. 

“Mentally it’s also very tough, because you’re in shock at first but once the treatment stops it hits you. It’s great to have services like those provided by the Irish Cancer Society to turn to when you need them.”

Marie urged others to “listen to their body” and to be aware of the signs of breast cancer.

“I was 32 when I was diagnosed, and previously I wouldn’t have given breast cancer a second thought. You have your regular smear tests for cervical cancer, but breast screening wasn’t on my radar. It is so important to listen to your body and trust your gut instinct.”

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If you or someone in your life is undergoing cancer treatment and are concerned about the coronavirus, you can speak confidentially to an Irish Cancer Society Cancer Nurse through the Freephone Support Line on 1800 200 700.

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