Your Health Matters Roadshow 2024

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If cancer is diagnosed early, it’s usually much easier to treat and cure. 

Our ‘Your Health Matters’ Roadshow can help:

  • Find out more about how to spot the early signs of cancer, how to prevent cancer and learn about free cancer screening available in Ireland.
  • Talk to one of our cancer nurses, who can answer your questions and talk to you about any worries you have.
  • Have a free 15-minute health check, which includes blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) checks and a carbon monoxide (CO) reading.  Our nurses can arrange a referral to a GP if further help is needed.

Come and see us

We will be coming to the following shopping locations:

  • Letterkenny Shopping Centre (Donegal): 31st July & 1st August 
  • Galway Shopping Centre: 14th & 15th August 
  • The Square Tallaght: 21st & 22nd August
  • Athlone Town Centre: 18th & 19th September 

Check the Your Health Matters Roadshow map below to see where we’ve been and where we will be next


Check out the Roadshow Volunteer page to learn how you can help make a difference in early detection of cancer in your community.

Background to the Roadshow

Catching cancer early is one of the best ways to increase the odds of surviving cancer. When cancer is diagnosed early, it can improve the quality of life of those living with cancer, increase survival and reduce the severity of treatment. Many people find it difficult to or do not attend GP visits even when they are experiencing potential cancer symptoms. The ‘Your Health Matters’ Roadshow initiative aims to reduce people’s risk of cancer and improve early detection rates by:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyle changes
  • Increasing awareness of cancer symptoms
  • Encouraging people to go to their doctor if they have any symptoms
  • Addressing any barriers and fears that make it hard for them to access health services. 

This nurse-led community outreach initiative is delivered in shopping centres in areas of most disadvantage. Trained nurses provide confidential consultations with members of the local community. They provide basic health checks and lifestyle advice to improve people’s awareness of cancer signs, the importance of screening, positive lifestyle changes and to encourage medical care-seeking behaviour.

A recent study conducted in partnership with The University College Dublin found encouraging evidence of the Roadshow’s success. Findings showed more than 4/5 of those surveyed approved of the health checks and found the information provided useful. Additionally, those who engaged with the Roadshows had increased their knowledge of the signs and symptoms of cancer and improved their understanding of the risk factors related to cancer. 

Get Involved

To register your interest in volunteering, please complete an online application form in the link below. We will be in touch with more information about Health Roadshow events happening in your area.

Capuchin Day Centre 

The Irish Cancer Society is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Capuchin Day Centre  ̶  a crucial homeless service in Dublin city  ̶  and Safetynet Primary Care  ̶  a healthcare service for marginalised populations. Building off the success of the ‘Your Health Matters’ Roadshow, the Irish Cancer Society started this new service in July 2022. The partnership aims to improve health outcomes among homeless and marginalised people by working to help spot symptoms of cancer early.  
At the Capuchin Day Centre, our cancer nurses are available to carry out health checks and discuss the symptoms of cancer with users of the Centre’s services.  Our nurses’ work with Safetynet Primary Care to ensure people with symptoms are referred to diagnostic, treatment and Irish Cancer Society services, as needed. 

For more information about the above programmes, email:

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