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This year 40,000 people in Ireland will hear the words ‘you have cancer’. Thankfully, though, cancer is no longer a death sentence – 6 in 10 people with cancer will survive the disease for at least 5 years. Survival rates are improving and people are living well with cancer and living for longer thanks to research and advances in detection and treatment. Now, more than 170,000 people are living with and beyond cancer in Ireland.

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Because of the generous support of the public, the Irish Cancer Society is the leading voluntary funder of cancer research in Ireland. We’ve invested €27 million in research projects and initiatives since 2010, all made possible by donations. Currently we are investing in the work of more than 100 cancer researchers based across the country. Collaboration, both national and international, is at the core of Irish Cancer Society Research. Learn more about successes in Irish Cancer Society-funded research.

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Do you work - or wish to work - in cancer research? Visit our Researcher Hub and get details about research funding opportunities with the Irish Cancer Society and how to manage your current Irish Cancer Society research grant.

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With the help of all our supporters we have played a significant role in several breakthroughs in cancer research since 1963. We fund scholarships, fellowships, projects and programmes.

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We believe that collaboration between institutions and across research disciplines can help to stimulate the kinds of excellent research which will improve the prevention and treatment of cancer in Ireland

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We're dispelling the myths and telling you about the advances in cancer research with our public information campaign.

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Find out about the latest developments in Irish cancer research.

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Find out more about Irish Cancer Society research and how it works with the help of our handy infographics. 

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We receive no government funding to support vital research. We rely on your donations. Find out all the ways to donate today.

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Emma Alcott

Irish research - use of cholesterol lowering drugs may cut risk of lethal prostate cancer

New research funded by the Irish Cancer Society has found that men who are on statins may have a reduced risk of developing a more lethal form of prostate cancer.

L to R. Elaine Quinn, Barbara Hughes, Amanda Mc Cann (PVCR), Deirdre Murphy, Claire Kilty, Robert O Connor

Building Connections between Cancer Patients and Researchers

The Patient Voice in Cancer Research (PVCR) held another very successful and productive workshop on Wednesday 9 October 2019, this time in Cork at the Maryborough Hotel. This was a free workshop open to all with an interest in cancer research.