Donate in memory

Donate in memory

Honour the memory of a loved one lost to cancer and we will send you a tribute card to keep or pass on to a loved one

Making an In Memory donation is a meaningful way to pay tribute to a family member, friend or loved one while making a difference to the lives of others. As well as sending you a letter of thanks, we can send an In Memory card on your behalf to the family or a nominated recipient.

You can make an In Memory donation by calling our Fundraising Office on 1850 606060 or by completing the form below.

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Donate online to honour the memory of a loved one lost to cancer and we will send you a tribute card to keep or pass on to a loved one.

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If you donate €250 or more in total in any one year, we can reclaim tax paid at no extra cost to you.

The impact of your donation today: A gift of €50 can help a patient or their family spend time talking over their fears of a diagnosis or treatment with a Cancer Nurse in an Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Centre.

The impact of your donation today: €75 can provide free information and advice from an Irish Cancer Society nurse for 3 people with questions or concerns about cancer.

The impact of your donation: €120 covers the cost of 5 medical kits used by volunteer drivers giving lifts to patients to their treatments in hospital.

The impact of your donation today: €306 will cover the cost of 1 night of end of life care by an Irish Cancer Society Night Nurse, providing comfort and care to a terminally ill cancer patient in the comfort of their home, surrounded by loved ones.

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Email receipting helps us keep our costs as low as possible so that your donation can make the greatest possible impact; however, if you would like a paper receipt posted to you, please select that option above.

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