Decoding Cancer podcast

Decoding Cancer podcast

The Decoding Cancer podcast is back!

Decoding Cancer - the podcast that aims to answer the public’s big cancer questions is back for a new series, with new episodes available every Tuesday to the end of September.

Each week Irish Cancer Society Director of Research Dr Robert O’Connor is joined by guests with experience of and expertise in cancer to discuss a diverse range of topics: from how immunotherapy works, and the outsized contribution of Irish people in global cancer research, to the intriguing role that our canine companions play in vital skin cancer research.

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Episode 4: What have the Irish ever done for cancer research?
The surprising contribution of Irish people to global cancer research breakthroughs

Dr Lisa Dwane tells of the personal experience that set her on the road to eventually joining a globally-renowned cancer research institute, and breast cancer survivor Rhona Nally talks to Dr Robert O’Connor about the incredible difference research made to her life.

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Episode 3: Why is cancer so tough to treat?
How does cancer affect the human body and what strides are being made in treatment?

Prostate cancer researcher Dr Antoinette Perry gives a no-nonsense explanation of how cancer works and the reasons why treating the disease is not so simple, and Martin Sweeney gives some tips to patients on coping with cancer.

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Episode 2: How are dogs helping to unlock the secrets of skin cancer?
The hope being offered by comparative oncology in melanoma research.

Melanoma patient advocate Kay Curtain and consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Shirley Potter chat with Dr Robert O’Connor about a research project that may just help us to better understand how skin cancer works in both canines and humans.

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Episode 1: Nutrition, Exercise and Cancer
What difference can people make to their own treatment and recovery journey?

For the first episode of season 2 Dr Robert O’Connor is joined by patient advocate and cancer survivor Niamh Fortune, and consultant colorectal and general surgeon Dr Susan Moug to chat through the importance of nutrition and exercise in relation to cancer, and the simple steps that people can take to increase their own activity.

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Series 1
December 2020

Episode 1: Why do people get cancer?

Episode 2: Covid and Cancer

Episode 3: What are the signs of cancer?

Episode 4: A cure for cancer?