Decoding Cancer podcast

Decoding Cancer podcast

The Decoding Cancer podcast aims to help answer some of the public’s big cancer questions with its first episode on Tuesday 1st December.

Podcast host and Irish Cancer Society Director of Research Dr Robert O’Connor will be joined by top experts as well as cancer patients and survivors each Tuesday in December in the run up to Christmas as they tease out common queries such as why do people get cancer, what tell-tale signs can we watch out for, and will a cure ever be found?

This is an exciting development for the Society to entirely produce a podcast series for the first time, with Nphet expert advisory group chair Dr Cillian De Gascún and head of the World Health Organisation’s cancer research arm Dr Elisabete Weiderpass among a great lineup of guests.

You can keep an eye out for new episodes every week wherever you get your podcasts, on our social media channels and by subscribing to the Decoding Cancer podcast.

Episode 4: A cure of cancer?
Dr Robert O’Connor discusses the idea of a ‘cure for cancer’ and the cutting-edge cancer research that is happening in Ireland with cancer doctor & researcher Prof Donal Brennan, and cervical cancer survivor Jennifer
Episode 3: What are the signs of cancer?
Dr Robert O’Connor is joined by GP Dr Una Kennedy who reveals some possible signs of cancer we can all watch out for, and breast cancer survivor Ger Dunphy on a chance discovery that led to a life-changing diagnosis.
Episode 2: Covid and Cancer
CLL patient Jan Rynne tells us how everyday life has changed for people like her during the pandemic.
Episode 1: Why do people get cancer?
Dr Elisabete Weiderpass and breast cancer survivor, Catherine Egan discuss the reasons why people get cancer, and what we can do to reduce our chances of ever getting a diagnosis.