About larynx cancer

What is the Larynx?

The larynx is also known as the voicebox. It is a small tube that sits at the entrance to your windpipe (trachea) in your neck. The larynx allows the air you breathe in to reach your lungs through your windpipe.
It also acts as a valve to prevent food and drink from entering your airway when you swallow. The larynx also contains two vocal cords. When air passes through them they vibrate. This allows you to make sound when you speak.

What is cancer of the larynx?

When cancer develops in your larynx, the cells change and grow in an abnormal way and form a tumour. The tumour can affect how your voice works. Sometimes the tumour breaks up and cancer cells spread to other parts of your body.

How common is laryngeal cancer?

Laryngeal cancer is a rare disease. In 2017 it was estimated that 178 people are diagnosed with this cancer in Ireland each year.