Sylvia Diaz

Sylvia Diaz was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in December 2019. Because of an underactive thyroid she had regular checks-up and on one of those appointments, some nodules were discovered. She was sent for surgery. After the surgery she was told that she had cancer.

She was upset and in shock. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and Sylvia didn’t need any further treatment but she says her whole life changed.

A fitness coach by profession, Sylvia was tired a lot of the time which in turn negatively affected her work. Her mood was low too and she didn’t feel good for a long time after her surgery. She had quite a big scar on her neck and began looking at her body in a very negative way.

Sylvia began sharing her story online and found a huge amount of support there. She never thought was how therapeutic is was to share your story with others but she felt a lot better after doing so.

Sylvia is a big believer in treating your body well and using gentle exercise and a good, healthy diet to aid recovery from illness.

She got involved in this campaign because she really wanted to help people who found themselves in the same situation as her. She says people hear the word cancer and your whole life changes. But you can take small steps to make your life as healthy as possible and hopefully reduce your risk. Sylvia believes we all need to listen to our bodies and treat them well.

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